Utopiuh – Ancient Storms

The year is 2041. Robert is a freshman in college and in a café with his friend Ashley when the event occurred, changing life on Earth forever. The death and destruction is incomprehensible. Robert is reminded of the Mayan legend, passed down from his grandfather and the 50 generations before him, foretelling, “… the skies will be on fire when the gods return to reclaim the Mayan Empire.”

Three hundred years earlier, in a distant galaxy, the solar systems are ruled by the Stygian Assembly and the oppressed can no longer challenge the power that has been amassed. Nechul, mentored by one of the few Ancients, prepares for the escape to the storied planet of Utopiuh. The explosion will set free the masses and power the journey to Utopiuh, 300 light years away.

The Earth is dark as humanity starts the third and final chapter. The Starship Destiny brings with it the Cradle of Souls, and the world will never be the same…

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